"Reflexology treatment stimulates blood circulation, improves the functioning of various body systems, brings balance and helps the natural healing power of the body and soul."

Member of the Reflexology Association in Israel

Reflexology is one of the most powerful and effective methods of complementary medicine and helps treat a variety of medical problems including headaches, digestive disorders, hormonal disorders, irregular menstrual cycles, sleep disorders, heart and blood pressure problems, muscle pain and respiratory problems.

Reflexology can also help detoxify and stimulate the immune system, relieve tension and bring balance and general relaxation.

Suffering from back pain? Migraines? Indigestion? Breathing problems? Other medical problems? Going through a difficult and stressed period? Experiencing fears and concerns?
You're not alone!

Reflexology diagnosis and treatment restores balance and calm to life whilst dealing with your ailment.

In addition, reflexology provides a deep and relaxing experience for anyone looking for a pleasant and indulgent treatment.

The treatments are undertaken in a clinic in central Tel Aviv but home treatments can be booked by appointment too. (Tel Aviv area)

For further information and a free consultation, please contact:



Reflexology & Integrative Medicine

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